Eight Media

Mural for an UX design studio

Eight Media is a User Experience Design Studio from Arnhem, the Netherlands. It is a nice company with a very cool team. The space is very beautiful where they work. From a beautiful meeting room to a kitchen island which is a very important part of the space.

The only thing they missed in the building was a finishing touch. An element that ensures that everything comes together in terms of atmosphere and to take the space to a higher level when it comes to a creative working space.

I was asked to make a painting on a 45 M2 wall. The painting had to fit in with what they are doing as an agency and the interests of the people. In the end the 5 days of hard work paid off! With a big help from Shinyoung Kim.

Below you can see the process and the final results of the entire wall.


Client : Eight Media
Concept & Design : Sjoerd Verbeek
Assistent painter : Shinyoung Kim

That's not Up!

That's avocado!