The Tokyoiter

Magazine cover

I was invited by Andrew Joyce to make the cover for the lovely initiative called The Tokyoiter.  Very happy how it turned out! This project brings back memories to my lovely trips in Japan.

I have been to Japan twice in my life. Tokyo was definitely a city you wanted to visit. But for this cover I didn’t want to show the city because COVID-19. We have to avoid the crowded places. When I was in Tokyo I also wanted to find peace at one point. I did this in nature around the city. The peace you can find in nature, parks, beautiful gardens, onsen, temples, shrines and nearby the iconic Mount Fuji. I put these elements in a wishing balloon, because we want a better year together. A year that we all together beat COVID-19!


Initiative : Andrew Joyce
Illustration : Sjoerd Verbeek

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