Mural for a spaghetti restaurant

Real Space Agency asked me to create a fun and colorful mural for Bavet. Bavet is a spaghetti restaurant concept from Belgium. You can find the restaurants in the big cities of Belgium like; Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent. But now it was time to expand the concept outside Belgium borders.

This first step outside Belgium borders is in the Netherlands. They asked me to create and paint this mural in the wonderful city Maastricht. It was a huge honor to make this big prominent 70m2 mural, that makes the whole restaurant, from the ground floor to the first floor! After 10 days of work I was finished with the 70m2. As you can see there are elements from food, drinks, fun, cycling, saucy meatballs and the city Maastricht!

The end result is very nice, also with the whole interior. It was so much fun to do this mural for Bavet Maastricht. If you want also a nice mural for your company or something else. Let me know!

A big thanks to the team of Real Space Agency and ofcourse everyone from Bavet! One love.


Client : Bavet
Photography : Guy Houben
Design & Mural : Sjoerd Verbeek
Mural Assistent I : Fernando Leon
Mural Assistent II : Marije Maria
Mural Assistent III : Timber Sommerdijk

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