Mascot Design for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Remember being a kid and going to the airport for the first time? So much excitement accompanied by so many questions! How high does an airplane fly? What happens up in that enormous control tower? What’s the coolest thing they’ve ever flown across the world? Schiphol (the biggest airport in the Netherlands) wanted to answer those questions with that same youthful enthusiasm.

They asked me to create nine illustrations for the area of the website answering these questions. I figured kids would want a companion to accompany them on their journey throughout the answers. That’s how Globi came to life. Globi is a colourful mascot that’s not based on airplanes, pilots or travellers but on the most exciting service Schiphol has to offer: the journey itself. Because Schiphol is never about staying in one place Globi shows a different part of the world in every Illustration. To really grab the attention of the kids I used bold colours, a touch of humor and exciting facial expressions.

Currently you’ll find Globi here on the digital version of Schiphol but he’s bound to show up on the airport itself later this year.


Illustration : Sjoerd Verbeek

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