De Korenbeurs

a very illustrative campaign

— Award winning project: SILVER European Design Award 2019 —

If you want to get as many creatives as possible to enter a contest you not only have to reach them, you need to inspire them. That’s why the city of Arnhem and FNKE asked me to design their ad campaign. The campaign would run for at least six months and had to reach a broad range of creative problem solvers.

The goal was to get them to think of an idea to give “De Korenbeurs” – a vacant historical building in the center of Arnhem – a new life. How do you inspire someone to think of ideas for a city? You illustrate a city… made of ideas. Even though every illustrations shows a different style of creative problem solving the iconic art style, bold colors and straight lines kept everything cohesive and recognizable as part of the bigger campaign.

There’s illustrations for all kinds of creatives, ranging from the old-school pencil sketcher to the woodworking lumberjack that’s a barista in his spare time. I chose an old fashioned font with a modern finish because the historical building in Arnhem needed just that; a modern finish.

The campaign ended up reaching more than 7.4 million people, nearly half of the entire population of the Netherlands.


PR agency : FNKE
Illustration : Sjoerd Verbeek

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