ERNE AG Holzbau

75 Years on 9 meters of wood

ERNE AG Holzbau wanted for the 75th anniversary something special. They wanted to remember in an impressive way what the company had achieved. And so the idea for a very special project was born: a table on which the most important milestones of the past 75 years are immortalized as illustrations. From its beginnings as a small carpentry workshop to the groundbreaking patent for “dovetail joints” to the modern era when they built Switzerland’s first and tallest wooden skyscraper.

In the ‘Main Film’ and the ‘Making Of Film’ (below) you can see the manufacture of the ERNE table combined traditional craftsmanship and a feeling for the material with the most modern techniques. This interplay of the individual disciplines, the courage to develop new things, the flair for smart solutions and the collaboration with the right partners have often been the reason for the success of ERNE AG Holzbau in the past.

In commercial and industrial construction ERNE AG Holzbau combines modern technology and innovation with one of the oldest materials in the world: wood. Wood is the basis for intelligent and sustainable construction of building, facade, window and interior solutions. No other material is so versatile, efficient and ecological. They have a tradition of progress. With their system solutions, industrial prefabrication and material and overall performance expertise, ERNE is one of Switzerland’s most efficient and innovative suppliers of timber structures for industrial and commercial construction. By integrating installation technology, carpentry, interior design and service, they can offer a complete service package directly ex works.

For the ‘Main Film’, ‘Making Of Film’ and all the behind the scenes, watch this whole page. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate, just ask. Have a nice day!


Head Marketing : Priscilla Troxler
Designer : Keller Isidor
Wood Technician : Deinhart Korbinian
MA FH Design : Daniel Nikles
Creative Director : Leander Schmalfuß
Art Director : Marco Bienek
Account Manager : Vanessa Anderegg
Film Producer : Alina Benz
Film Director : Luca Zurfluh
Main Photos : Oliver Nanzig
Illustration : Sjoerd Verbeek

Check the ‘Main Film’ of the 9 meter long table here below.

And watch the ‘Making Of ‘ here!

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