ArtEZ Dance in Education

Illustrating movement

— Illustrating movement for the ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance in Education brochure —

Every dancer in Europe has heard of them; the dance department of the ArtEZ University of the Arts. They asked me to create illustrations for the 2019/2020 bachelor of Dance in Education brochure. This excellent course is created for students who want to become contemporary dance artists focussing on dance technique, choreography, and creating or performing their own projects. The main theme of the illustrations revolve around the feeling of being free to participate in the bachelor in a way that’s personal to you, reflecting the bachelors strong focus on artistic identity and personality.

If you want to inspire the next generation of dancers you have to speak their language; movement. Since the world of dance is constantly changing as an art form but also as a profession I chose to create dynamic illustrations to reflect this constant movement. All aspects of dance were visualized; the use of objects in a space, the diversity of the dancers and the way they express themselves as individuals. I tried to add a touch of human imperfection with each illustration. To create cohesion between all of this movement I combined different colors such as light blue with white and bright orange with purple.

The brochure ended up in the hands of thousands of readers, inspiring the next generation of independent dancers and choreographers from all over the world.


Brochure Design : Dana Dijkgraaf
Photography : Barbara Medo
Illustration : Sjoerd Verbeek

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