Illustrative campaign for a Music label

Sayo is a new techno label. They asked me to create a very unique visual language for a label from the techno world. Sayo in Japanese means ‘born by night’. It is about making new friendships and encounters during the wild nights. So I took the colors of the national flag of Japan as the basis and I developed an illustration style that fits into the atmosphere and intimacy of the club nights.

In addition to Sayo’s club nights, there are also the famous Sayo summertime. The day lasts from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. and takes place under the Westervoortse bridge in Arnhem on the Schaapdijk. The event also only takes place when the sun is out. The program consists of DJs and non-DJs, sunshine, water slides, entertainment, food trucks, slush puppies and house music.



Client : Sayo
Illustration : Sjoerd Verbeek

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